Interb: International clinical registry of ErbB2-positive breast cancer patients treated with lapatinib

Interb Project: international clinical registry of breast cancer patients treated with HER2/neu targeted therapy

Countries involved in the Interb project

Breast carcinoma is the most frequent type of cancer affecting women worldwide. Fortunately, the number of successfully treated patients has been increasing with the earlier diagnosis and new ways of treatment, such as targeted biological therapies.

Due to recent developments (e.g. approval of Tyverb® (Lapatinib) in the EU in June 2008), there is an increased interest to explore the epidemiological situation of the mentioned patient group in more detail, allowing to get a better insight into the relationship between risk factors and treatment effectiveness, long-term survival, and also evaluate economical aspects of the therapy.

The project was conducted in 3 countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania) with the following objectives:

  • monitoring of HER2/neu-positive patients and collection of epidemiological and clinical data,
  • monitoring of patients treated with therapy targeting the HER2/neu receptors in participating countries,
  • collection of data on effectiveness of the chosen therapy,
  • collection of data on safety of the chosen therapy,
  • analysis of patients survival in relation to monitored clinical factors,
  • analysis of collected data in relation to reference population data.

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