Interb: International clinical registry of ErbB2-positive breast cancer patients treated with lapatinib

Breast cancer incidence in Central and Eastern Europe

Breast cancer is by far the most common form of cancer diagnosed in European women today, accounting for 429 900 cases (28.9% of total), followed by colorectal cancer (195 400, 13.1%) and by cancer of the uterus (149 300, 10%) [1]. With the continuous increase of early diagnosed cases, breast cancer has now become the most common form of cancer diagnosed in Europe, both sexes combined (Figure 1). This page also gives some information on breast cancer epidemiology in Central and Eastern European countries (Figure 2).

Figure 1: Estimated incidence of cancer in Europe in 2006 (number of cases, both sexes, in thousands) [1].

Figure 2: Breast cancer: Estimated age-standardized incidence and mortality rates in 2006 (European standard) per 100 000 by country [1].


  1. Ferlay L, Autier P, Boniol M, Heanue M, Colombet M, Boyle P. 2007. Estimates of the cancer incidence and mortality in Europe in 2006. Annals of Oncology 18(3):581-592.